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TAP courses we enjoyed in 2011:

  • Tap Adv. Tap course for advanced tap dancers with strong technical and artistic skills. Teacher: Guillem Alonso. Three lessons: 3.5 h (one lesson: 1 h. 10 min).
  • Tap Inter. Tap course for dancers having basic tap skills, familiar with different tap combinations and able to dance in different tempo. Teacher: Junior Laniyan. Three lessons: 3.5 h (one lesson: 1 h. 10 min).
  • Tap Impro. Tap improvisation for tap dancers of any level from beginners to professionals:
    • Tap Impro M. Teacher: Max Pollak. Group is limited to 15 students. The course will combine improvisation basics, group improvisation and "learning by doing” solo/small group improvisation. Students should be ready (make plan) for an improvisation (solo/duet/trio) to perform in front of the group.  Three lessons: 4.5 h. (one lesson: 1 h 30 min).
    • Tap Impro J&G. Teachers: Guillem Alonso, Junior Laniyan. The course will focus on improvisation basics. Three lessons: 4 h. (one lesson: 1 h 20 min).
  • Body Music. Body percussion course for dancers, musicians and actors. You will know how to make your body sound musically and be able to feel the rhythm through your body.  You don’t need to tap dance to attend this course. Teacher: Max Pollak. Three lessons: 3.5 h (one lesson: 1 h. 10 min). (No tap shoes in the class, sneakers are the best choice.) 
  • Music School. Introduction to music fundamentals and world rhythmical traditions with focus on jazz and latin. The course is focused on the development of musicality. Themes: jazz history illustrated by live music, melody and jazz structure, Cuban rhythms and percussion, musical vocabulary. Teachers: Russian musicians and Max Pollak. Three lessons: 3.5 h (one lesson: 1 h. 10 min).

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